Observer Vol 24, No. 9 November, 2011

Observer Article

Neuroscience and the Law

In the next few decades, Michael Gazzaniga believes that psychological scientists and society as a whole will have to answer important questions about neuroscience and the law.... More>

Observer Article

J. Frank Yates and a Decision-Making Theory for the Real World

Early in his teaching career, one of J. Frank Yates’ students approached him for help with applying decision theory to her own real-life conundrum: Should she have an Indian marriage or an American marriage? At the time, Yates was perplexed. Decision theory was all but silent on the topic of love. ... More>


Twitter Q&A on Rebooting Psychotherapy

The January 2011 issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science called for drastic changes to the approach for treating mental illness in the United States. Comments to this article were published in the September issue of Perspectives. APS asked our Twitter and Facebook followers to Tweet Alan Kazdin questions about his research using the hashtag #AskKazdin.... More>


APS Fellow Selected to Deliver Prestigious Lectures

APS Fellow Bruce Hood has been selected to present the 2011 Royal Institution of Great Britain Christmas Lectures. Hood will deliver a series of lectures called “Meet Your Brain” in which he will explain how the external world is represented in different parts of the brain, the role of executive control, and social specialization of the brain.... More>

Psych Today

Elizabeth Hall’s 1974 Interview with Niko Tinbergen

This is an excellent interview. In a relatively short space, Elizabeth Hall succeeded in capturing much of Niko Tinbergen’s oeuvre and personality. It is notable that the interview occurred at a propitious time — shortly after the announcement of Tinbergen’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. More than 35 years have passed since the interview, and I would like to highlight a few aspects of the discussion and provide a modern perspective on Tinbergen. ... More>