Observer Vol 24, No. 9 November, 2011


Recovering The Moral Dimension

In his Bring the Family Address at the 24th APS Annual Convention in Chicago, Schwartz will discuss how we can reintroduce the moral dimension by encouraging what Aristotle called practical wisdom. Schwartz contends that our current system of rules and incentives does not allow people to exercise their judgment and develop an ability to think between the lines.... More>

Observer Article

Rising Stars

The Observer presents more Rising Stars, exemplars of today's young psychological scientists.... More>


William K. Estes Timeline

William Estes Timeline: His Science and Achievements... More>

Remembering William K. Estes

Our friend, mentor, and colleague, Bill Estes, died quietly at the age of 92. His life and work is remembered by friends and colleagues. ... More>

Presidential Column

The Value(s) of IRBs

Guest columnist Scott Atran discusses the relationship between terrorism research and institutional review boards. ... More>