Observer Vol. 24, No. 10 2011


Stress Hurts Our Minds and Our Bodies

Stress isn’t just “in our heads.” It can impact our physical well-being too. According to psychological scientist Elissa Epel of the University of California, San Francisco, chronic stress can affect […] More>


Brenda Milner Awarded Prestigious Pearl Meister Greengard Prize

APS Fellow and Charter Member Brenda Milner has been awarded the Pearl Meister Greengard Prize for her novel contributions to neuroscience, especially her work with Molaison. ... More>


Temptation: It Depends on How You’re Feeling


In a series of experiments published in Psychological Science, researchers examined the role visceral states — such as hunger — play in people’s response to temptation.... More>

Observer Article

Rising Stars

The Observer presents more Rising Stars, exemplars of today's young psychological scientists.... More>

Psych Today

The Enduring Influence of Jean Piaget

The Psychology Today interview with Jean Piaget took place in 1970 at the height of his influence. During that year, the international Jean Piaget Society was formed, and the society, as well as Piaget’s influence, endure. ... More>