Teaching Tips

Confronting Psychological Misconceptions in the Classroom

“But, Dr. Jones, I’d always heard that opposites attract. Isn’t that true?” “Dr. Smith, yesterday I heard my political science professor talk about the American people’s schizophrenic attitude toward abortion. […]... More>


The Psychological Science of Inception

For three weeks in a row, Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie Inception reigned at the top of the Box Office hit list. Sure, the special effects and imaginative landscapes are exciting, but did you know that the seemingly outlandish concept behind the storyline of Inception is really related to ideas that psychological scientists have been studying for years?... More>


European Association of Personality Psychology

The European Association of Personality Psychology promotes and develops empirical and theoretical personality psychology within Europe. EAPP also supports the interchange of personality psychology information between EAPP members and cognate associations throughout the world. The latter goal is achieved through EAPP’s cooperation with other associations and institutions within Europe and around the world.... More>


Skinner Air Crib

1944, B.F. Skinner and his wife, Yvonne, were expecting their second child. After raising one baby, Skinner felt that he could simplify the process for parents and improve the experience for children. Through some tinkering, he created the “air crib,” a climate controlled environment for an infant. One of these air cribs resides in the gallery at the Center for the History of Psychology in Akron, Ohio. ... More>

In Appreciation: Jerome E. Singer

Jerome E. Singer had a lasting impact on the field of psychology and on everyone who knew him. Jerry founded and chaired the Medical and Clinical Psychology Department at the Uniformed Services University (USU) and was called the “best second author in psychology.” ... More>