Cover Story

Getting Hired

As I begin my final year of graduate school and look ahead (though not necessarily forward) to the job application process and an academic job market that is even less promising than when I began in the fall of 2006, I’m worried about the comparative length of my curriculum vita. How can I possibly compete with the hypothetical peer I’ve conjured in my imagination?... More>

Member Article

Can We Measure Journal Quality?

I am chair of the APS Publications Committee, so I watch the ratings of our journals with interest. All our numbers were up this year, which is great. Because these journals cover the entire field of psychology, ISI places them in a category called “Multidisciplinary Psychology Journals” of which there are 111. Remarkably, APS has 3 journals in the top 11 in this category for 2009 ... More>

Presidential Column

‘There Is Something Very Important Going on Here and I Want to Be a Part of It’

There are times when each of us knows that there is something very important going on he re. In 1988, I had such an experience. A society was forming that was to put front and center a commitment to scientific psychology for the first time. Like that working woman inexplicably drawn to a theater in New Haven on a March evening in 1959, I had heard in the neighborhood that such an entity could change the future of my science, and I wanted to be part of it. ... More>


Sensing Success: Klatzky Doubly Honored

2010 has been a banner year for Roberta L. Klatzky, APS Treasurer and Professor of Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University: She has received both a Humboldt Research […] More>


More to Motor Imagery Than Mental Simulation

The human brain is a powerful simulation machine. Sports professionals and amateurs alike are well aware of the advantages of mentally rehearsing a movement prior to its execution and it is not surprising that the phenomenon, known as motor imagery, has already been extensively investigated.... More>