March 2010

Cover Story

Researching the Extremes of Visual Perception

Staring at bag after bag on an x-ray monitor at an airport check-in line, a security officer can get used to the routine of not seeing anything suspicious. Nail file, book light, knitting needles, machete — all clear. Whoops.... More>

Student Notebook

Psychophysiology: Daunting or Doable?

Physiological responses are an integral part of our emotions and experiences, and we all exhibit physically detectable signs of our emotional and experiential state. For example, at your thesis or dissertation defense, you will most likely feel anxious and nervous; these feelings are accompanied by an increase in your heart rate, respiration rate, and galvanic skin response (sweat gland activity). Despite the existence of these physiological markers, a majority of graduate program curricula focus on learning to measure behaviors, emotions, and cognitions rather than on measuring bodily changes.... More>

Champions of Psychology

Champions of Psychology: Cynthia García Coll

Cynthia García Coll is the Charles Pitts Robinson and John Palmer Barstow Professor of Education, Psychology and Pediatrics at Brown University. Her research focuses on sociocultural and biological influences on child development, with particular emphasis on at-risk and minority populations. García Coll has served on the editorial boards of leading academic journals, including Child Development, Development and Psychopathology, Infant Behavior and Development, Infancy and Human Development, and is the current Editor of Developmental Psychology. ... More>

Teaching Tips

Distance Learning The Old Fashioned Way: Taking Class Outside the Classroom

Psychology classes have little trouble attracting the attention of students as evidenced by the fact that general psychology courses are typically the largest classes in the curriculum. General psychology has strong appeal because the course has direct relevance to stu-dents’ lives, and it is probably the single best recruiting tool for psychology departments across all colleges and universities. We are able to show intriguing video clips, present mesmerizing PowerPoint-assisted lectures, and structure engaging experiential learning situations in the lab or on campus that demonstrate (or replicate) learned concepts from the text.... More>


Where Are Nearly Half of Undergraduates Initially Exposed to Psychology?

Researchers estimate that approximately 500,000 community college students enroll in various psychology courses each year in the United States (Johnson & Rudmann, 2004).... More>