January 2010

Presidential Column

The “Obesity Epidemic”

Understanding food behavior and the “obesity epidemic” requires accurate data on weight. This month Katherine Flegal tells us about how these data are collected and what they show. Flegal is a Distinguished Consultant at the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She is also an adjunct professor at the School of Public Health, University of North Carolina. Her primary research interests are in the epidemiology of obesity and related conditions, and she has published widely in this area (see the reference list for representative publications). Her current interests include tracking the prevalence of obesity in the United States and investigating the association of weight with mortality. Flegal has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, a PhD in Nutrition from Cornell University, and an MPH in epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh, where she completed a post-doctoral fellowship. She was a research faculty member in the Biostatistics department of the University of Michigan before going to CDC in 1987 ... More>


Miller Wins National Teaching Award

APS Fellow Richard L. Miller of the University of Nebraska-Kearney has been named Outstanding Master’s Universities and Colleges Professor of the Year in a joint award by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advance-ment and Support of Education (CASE). Each year, just four professors in the United States are selected as national level winners of this prestigious prize. Miller was singled out for his focus on research in the classroom. For each class he teaches, Miller develops an optional lab group where students conduct a complete research project from design to testing to reporting the results, which have often ended up published or presented at conferences. Miller recently shared some thoughts with the Observer on teaching and this latest honor.... More>

Member Article

Perspectives on Perspectives from the New Editor

I am delighted to have been selected as the next Editor of Perspectives on Psychological Science. Under Ed Diener’s leadership, the journal has gotten off to a terrific start. It has published high-quality articles across the range of our discipline, including reviews, bio-graphies, special issues reflecting on our science past and future, controversial target pieces with replies, and even a bit of humor. The quality has been rewarded both internally and externally.... More>


Parents Gone Wild? The Link Between Working Memory and Reactive Parenting

We’ve all been in situations before where we get so frustrated or angry about something, we will lash out at someone without thinking. This lashing out — reactive negativity — happens when we can’t control our emotions. Luckily, most people are pretty good at self-regulating and controlling their emotions and behaviors.... More>


A Case for the Distractible Toddler

Toddlers are distractible. They might be fascinated by a colorful new toy, but only until the next best toy comes along. This can be maddening for parents or teachers, who often try to rein in a toddler’s impulsivity. But should we really be trying to teach self-control?... More>