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Recalling Psychology’s Past: The Memory Drum

In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850-1909) published Memory: A Contribution to Experimental Psychology. The work has stood the test of time and earned Ebbinghaus a place of distinction in the study […]... More>

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The National Cancer Institute: A Hub for Psychological and Behavioral Sciences

Psychology and other behavioral sciences have long helped address important social issues. Health — specifically cancer — is no exception. Psychological research elucidates the way in which people make health […]... More>

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Crossing Boundaries: The Growing Enterprise of Interdisciplinary Research

Anyone who followed this past election season — and, considering the voter turnout records, that’s pretty much everyone — no doubt grew familiar with, and likely a bit tired of, […]... More>

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Playing God

The annals of academic hubris have recently been enriched by a renowned Harvard psychiatrist, who, upon being asked to identify the next rank above his full professorship, replied: “God.” An […]... More>


Cattell Sabbatical Awardee Announced

James McKeen Cattell was one of the foremost pioneers of psychological science, striving throughout his career to establish psychology as an experimental science through the use of statistical methods and […]... More>