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The History Corner: Titchener’s Sound Cage

The sound cage is an instrument once used to study the human ability to localize sounds in space. The best known of these, Titchener’s Sound Cage, was introduced by Edward […]... More>

National Policy on Well-Being

In 2004, Martin Seligman and I wrote that nations need to track more than economic indicators to gauge the well-being of people (Diener & Seligman, 2004) and that organizations and […]... More>

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Resisting Temptation

Every year the holidays put us grownups through the same wringer. Sometime late in December, we remember that the “holiday spirit” is really not about eager anticipation and indulgence; it […]... More>


Bailout Envy

The following is part of the Observer’s series of occasional conversations with a veteran participant in science and government relations, Dr. Grant Swinger, Director of the Center for the Absorption […]... More>


On the Newsstand

Read All About It: Simpler Fonts Make Simpler Tasks Los Angeles Times November 2, 2008 “Researchers found that the more difficult instructions are to read, the more that task is […]... More>