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APS = GPS: Global Psychological Science, That Is

Twenty years ago, APS was established by a small group of intrepid researchers to advance scientific psychology and its representation in Washington and the public arena. Over the last two […]... More>

Student Notebook

On Becoming a Theorist in Psychology

Theory construction is essential to any field of science. Within psychology, theory is at the center of the scientific method. Research is conducted on the basis of theory, and it […]... More>

Student Notebook

2008-2009 APS Student Caucus Executive Board

President Kelli Vaughn-Blount York University Kelli Vaughn-Blount completed her Master’s in experimental psychology in May, 2008, at the University of Central Oklahoma and is a first year doctoral student in […]... More>

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This is Your Brain on Politics

U.S. presidential candidates have been stumping for nearly two years with their every move being analyzed and reported ad nauseum. Logically, voters should be able to tap into lots of […]... More>

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Measuring Well-Being in the United States

Americans are stuck in a cycle of chronic disease.  In October 2007, the Milken Institute reported that the economic impact of the most common chronic diseases in this country is […]... More>