Volume 21, No. 5 May 2008


The Upside of Anger

Here’s a maxim from the “duh” department: People typically prefer to feel emotions that are pleasant, like excitement, and avoid those that are unpleasant, like anger. But a new study […]... More>


On the Newsstand

Cultural Insights: Brain Scans Support Surprising Differences in Perception Between Westerners And Asians The Boston Globe March 3, 2008 “New brain research is adding high-tech evidence to what lower-tech psychology […]... More>

A Deadly Philosophy

Humans are the only species that systematically murders its own for ideological reasons. More than 50 million people were victims of mass murder in the 20th century, making it the […]... More>

Behavioral and Social Sciences: Uncle Sam Wants You

When the Bush administration steps down next January, it will leave behind an ambitious proposal for greatly increasing the role of social and behavioral research in U.S. efforts to prop […]... More>

Presidential Column

A Letter to Young Scientists

Psychological science in the 21st century promises to be quite different from that of the preceding century. During the 20th century, we saw a specialization, differentiation, and development of various […]... More>