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APS Student Caucus Welcomes New Board

President Lisa Hasel Iowa State University Lisa Hasel is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in social psychology. Her research interests encompass the broad field of experimental psychology and law with a […]... More>

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Help Shape the Future of Psychological Science

If you’re a long-time Member of APS, you’ve no doubt noticed the growth of our flagship journal Psychological Science.  Over the years, we’ve increased the frequency of the journal from […]... More>

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What They Would Have Said: APS Honors Patrick J. Kennedy

Editor’s Note: No matter what your mother told you, sometimes things don’t always work out the way they’re supposed to. But if Mom also told you that when one door […]... More>

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Elliot Aronson: The Intersection of Art and Science

Art is a word not often associated with psychological science. Psychologists — APS members especially — prefer to characterize themselves as rational and methodical arbiters of psychological inquiry as opposed […]... More>

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Happy 20th to Us!

2008 marks APS’s 20th Anniversary. This milestone will be commemorated in various ways over the coming months, including this series of columns, “Then and Now.” It’shard to believe, but after […]... More>