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Models of Memory: Award Address by Richard M. Shiffrin

In his William James Fellow Award address at the APS 19th Annual Convention, APS Fellow and Charter Member Richard M. Shiffrin spoke about the development of models of memory throughout […]... More>

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Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom; it’s something we do throughout our lives. Researchers know a fair amount about how we learn in educational settings, but a whole […]... More>

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When Harry Met Psychology: A Profile of Harry Bahrick

Because he was born and spent his formative years in Vienna, you might assume that Harry Bahrick’s academic “family tree” reaches back to his hometown’s Sigmund Freud, or perhaps to […]... More>

Psychological Science Around the World

A View From Australia

I  have loved psychology and fiercely defended its scientific nature ever since I was a 17-year-old undergraduate at the University of Sydney trying to decide between science and the humanities. […]... More>

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APS Charter Member Memories

The Observer recently invited our charter members to share their memories of APS. What was happening at the founding of the Association? What prompted them to join and remain loyal […]... More>