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IRBs: Navigating the Maze

ay “eye are bee” and you’re likely to get responses ranging from heated exasperation to blissful contentment. Therein lies one of the most vexing problems of human research protection at […]... More>

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Rising Stars, Part II

Kathleen McDermott Washington University in St. Louis PhD 1996, Rice University Specialty: Human memory Publication Most Proud of: Roediger, H. & McDermott, K. (1995). Creating false memories: Remembering words […]... More>

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Student Research in Psychology Courses

A foundation for every undergraduate psychology program is a class on some form of research methods. Not only does this class provide students with tools to design experiments, but perhaps […]... More>

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Helping Physicians Understand Screening Tests Will Improve Health Care

Medical doctors tend to think of psychologists as therapists, useful for emotionally disturbed patients, but not for members of their own trade. Research on transparent risk communication is beginning to […]... More>

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APS is Off and Running

The following is a reprint of the first-ever APS Presidential Column, which appeared in the inaugural October 1988 issue of the Observer. The fledgling American Psychological Society — not quite […]... More>