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More on Bob Abelson

To the Editor: The APS tributes to Bob Abelson (Observer, December 2006) understandably came from former graduate students and colleagues. But in his many decades at Yale, Bob also influenced […]... More>


Gaining Perspectives

The APS quarterly journal, Perspectives on Psychological Science, had a strong first year of publication. The 21 articles and two editorials featured in the first volume covered a broad range […]... More>

Observer Article

Documenting a Neuroscientific Revolution in the Making

We tend to think of science and religion as polar opposites, even antagonistic toward one another, and for good reason: The Catholic Church spent centuries persecuting any scientist who dared […]... More>

Observer Article

Life Long Learning at Work and at Home…and at the 19th Annual APS Convention

Learning does not end when we receive our high school or college diplomas. It continues throughout our lives at home, at work, and in informal settings in our communities. But […]... More>

Teaching Tips

Going for the Gold: Using Sports Psychology to Improve Teaching and Learning

Who can resist getting caught up in the enthusiasm of the Olympics, Super Bowl, or NBA playoffs? If you ask most of your first-year students to describe Michael Jordan, Jeff […]... More>