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Framing Science

In 1998, a national $206 billion lawsuit settled against four tobacco companies, the Master Settlement Agreement, provided the funding to launch a series of anti-smoking television commercials. This series, called […]... More>

In Memoriam: David Lykken (1928-2006)

After a stint in the Navy as a radar technician, David Lykken launched an association with the University of Minnesota that lasted over 60 years. During this time, he was […]... More>

Observer Article

Some Ins and Outs of Being a Couple in Psychology

We didn’t begin on an equal footing, which would have been almost impossible in the 1950s, but we began in a not unfamiliar way: George was five years older and […]... More>

Student Notebook

Champions of Psychology: Jennifer Eberhardt

This is an ongoing series in which highly regarded professors share advice on the successes and challenges facing graduate students. Jennifer L. Eberhardt received a PhD in Psychology from Harvard […]... More>

Student Notebook

Expanding Horizons: Research on Underrepresented Groups

Working women. Older adults. Individuals with visual impairments. Ethnic minorities. I don’t recall ever identifying any one of these groups and specifically thinking that I would do research with them. […]... More>