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Passion and Strategy: Necessary Ingredients for Choosing a Thesis Topic

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I have gleaned from my mentor over the past three years is the need to get “mileage” out of what I write.  […]... More>

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Dynamic Duos – Nature vs. Nurture

Although we were invited to write about what life is like together for couples who are both psychological scientists rather than about our research, in our case, research played such […]... More>

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Designing Minds

When Nature her great masterpiece designed, And framed her last, best work, the human mind, Her eye intent on all the wondrous plan She formed of various stuff the various […]... More>

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Intuition or Intellect?

Say this much for President Bush: He is not deaf to the inner whispers of his intuition. “I know there’s no evidence that shows the death penalty has a deterrent […]... More>

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‘Bowernet’ An Intellectual Genealogy of Gordon Bower

Ask Gordon Bower about the first great influences in his life and he’s likely to name a couple of Lous — Lou Gehrig and Louis Armstrong.  You can thank a […]... More>