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Building a Sense of Community in Undergraduate Psychology Departments

Imagine you are a student sitting among 300 others in your psychology class. You look around and wonder, “How am I going to fit in? Will I ever make friends […]... More>


Physical Traits Affect Death Sentence Decisions

Numerous studies of our legal system have found race to be a powerful factor in who is arrested and charged for crimes, who is found guilty or innocent, and how […]... More>

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Real-Life Total Recall

The silver stirring pot of memories, known as a “Pensieve” to fans of Harry Potter, contains Professor Dumbledore’s overflow memories. When his brain becomes too full, he physically pulls out […]... More>

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When 007 Meets PhD

Describing the work I do can be as challenging as the work itself. I envy people who can glibly describe their career field in three words or less: cardiologist, high […]... More>

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Basic Behavioral Research in Flux at NIH

Basic behavioral research — which in the case of health means the study of fundamental psychological and social processes not aimed at a specific illness or condition — may be […]... More>