Student Notebook

Recruiting and Retaining a Quality Research Team

A quality research team is essential to conducting psychological research. While it is certainly possible to hand out surveys yourself, often research is far too complex for independent data collection. […]... More>

Cover Story

All That’s Gold Does Not Glitter

Keenly targeted to a popular press that was eager for stories of government malfeasance, the Golden Fleece helped catapult Senator William Proxmire onto the national scene. In the process, it […]... More>

Observer Article

Why Bowlers Smile

In March 1980, Senator William Proxmire (D-Wisc) awarded the National Institute for Mental Health a Golden Fleece Award for funding research on why bowlers, hockey fans, and pedestrians smile. According […]... More>

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The Golden Fleece Award: Love’s Labours Almost Lost

In 1975, I and two of my colleagues at the University of Wisconsin, Mary Utne O’Brien and Jane Traupmann Pillemer, were collaborating on a major research program. We were attempting […]... More>

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What We Can Do

The Golden Fleece is a thing of the past, but the threat to our field that his Award represented is very much alive. Many in the executive and legislative branches […]... More>