School Starts Next Fall for UC-Merced APS Fellow and Charter Member Carol Tomlinson-Keasey is the inaugural chancellor of the University of California, Merced — billed as the United States’ first […]... More>

Teaching Tips

A Developmental Strategy to Write Effective Letters of Recommendation

In The Complete Guide to Graduate School Admissions, Keith-Spiegel and Wiederman (2000, p. 175) state that letters of recommendation “are taken very seriously, and sometimes are as important as grades […]... More>

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An APS by Any Other Name I WAS PRESENT AT THE CREATION of the American Psychological Society, and at a meeting in New Orleans in April of 1988, I presented […]... More>

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Tempus Really Fugits

Trying to plan my remaining columns, I checked with my editor at the Observer to find out how many more were left to write before turning the Presidential Pen over […]... More>