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Answers to letters regarding the column, ‘Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?‘ I appreciate the many constructive comments exploring various points of view on the issue of textbook prices. Those appearing […]... More>

Student Notebook

Champions of Psychology: Laura A. King

As part of our ongoing series with psychology’s leading professors, Laura A. King, University of Missouri-Columbia, recently shared her advice for success and challenges facing graduate students. King is a […]... More>

Student Notebook

If I Could Turn Back Time

Hindsight is always 20/20, and it is the lucky few of us who can look back with a confident satisfaction that all our decisions were the best ones to make. […]... More>

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Lost in Translation

Within days of the earthquake that struck northwest of Sumatra, Indonesia, triggering a tsunami that barreled across the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Tsunami Warning System, or PTWS, announced plans to […]... More>

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Could Reality Shows Become Reality Experiments?

See Also: Reality Check That was the question posed to APS Board Member Barbara A. Spellman, University of Virginia, who founded the APS Committee on Human Subject Protection. Spellman breaks […]... More>