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APS Lifetime Member Profile: Herbert C. Kelman

Herbert Kelman, who calls himself a “political psychologist,” came to the United States from Vienna during World War II. As professor of social ethics, emeritus, and chair of the Middle […]... More>



When Harry Met Hallie Would a rose, by any other name, smell as sweet? It may depend whether your name is Roberta or Louise. Twenty years ago, Belgian psychologist J. […]... More>

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Why Alan Alda Hates Eggs: A Clarification

My students got a kick out of reading about our joint research on false food memories in the APS Observer’s April article, wonderfully titled, “Making Memories.” But they also knew […]... More>

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What’s in a Name?

The following letters are in response to Roberta Klatzky’s article, “The Case for Changing Our Name,” in the April 2005 Observer. I WAS DELIGHTED TO READ that APS is reconsidering […]... More>