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NIH Advisory Panel Calls for Stable Home for Basic Behavioral Science

In a highly anticipated report to the director of the National Institutes of Health, a panel of leading behavioral and social science researchers, including two APS Presidents, has recommended that […]... More>

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What Wouldn’t Have Been

The following comments were made to the advisory council of the National Institute of Mental Health during the council’s deliberations on the future of basic behavioral science at the Institute. […]... More>

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Hitting the Bricks

Once housed primarily at the National Institute of Mental Health, some areas of basic behavioral science are being shown the door. Where will they end up? Psychologists who conduct basic […]... More>


Rich Kid, Poor Kid

It seems Bob Dylan was as much a scientific visionary as a social one. In his 1966 masterpiece Blonde on Blonde, Dylan rasps of being “helpless like a rich man’s […]... More>


Is This Good Buy?

In his best-selling 1950s book The Hidden Persuaders, Vance Packard warned Americans that Madison Avenue was teaming with psychologists to unconsciously influence buyer behavior. While research has generally discredited the […]... More>