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Dating the Data

In current empirical psychological articles it is uncommon for the data collection to be dated. A typical experimental method section of a paper includes information about geographic location (e.g., “a […]... More>

Champions of Psychology

Psychology All-Stars: Susan T. Fiske

Sponsored by the APS Student Caucus In an ongoing APS Student Caucus series of conversations with distinguished professors, Susan T. Fiske recently shared her advice for success and challenges facing […]... More>

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Influential Researcher Holzman Dies at 82 On June 1, 2004 Philip S. Holzman died at the age of 82. Holzman was an APS Fellow and Charter Member, founder and director […]... More>

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Ramirez First Psychologist to Receive NSF Director’s Award for Distinguished Teaching

Ramirez The National Science Foundation recently recognized eight outstanding educators with its 2004 Director’s Award for Distinguished Teaching Scholars. APS Member Julio J. Ramirez, Davidson College, was among the recipients, […]... More>

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Those Who Can, Teach

The goal is not to get everyone to go to graduate school. It’s rewarding to actually change people’s lives – Patricia Greenfield When he left graduate school in 1981, William […]... More>