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Levenson Becomes APS President

Levenson Robert W. Levenson of the University of California, Berkeley, has assumed the post of APS President, and new board members Michael S. Gazzaniga (President-Elect), Richard R. Bootzin, and Elizabeth […]... More>

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Toward a Psychology of Human Agency

Albert Bandura, Stanford University Bandura Skinner and other classic behaviorists argued that human behavior is a product of environment. But even Skinner realized this could not be completely true, as […]... More>

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Deconstructing Depression: A Diathesis-Stress Perspective

APS Student Member George M. Slavich receives the first APS/Psi Chi Albert Bandura Award at the APS Annual Convention Opening Ceremony. Slavich is a graduate teaching fellow at the University […]... More>

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A Psychologist in Charge:Croyle Bridges Basic and Applied Research at NCI

Psychologist Robert T. Croyle is director of the National Cancer Institute’s Divisino of Cancer Control and Popluation Sciences, which has an annual behavioral reserach budget of $280 million. Robert T. […]... More>

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Life After the Ivory Tower

Don Kausler has become a successful author and columnist since leaving the ivory tower. He published The Graying of America in 1996. During his career, APS Fellow Don Kausler was […]... More>