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What Was I Thinking? Kahneman Explains How Intuition Leads Us Astray

This is a story without an ending. And that’s not the only thing wrong with it. In fact, there were a number of flaws in Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman’s lecture […]... More>

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Writing Textbooks: Why Doesn’t It Count?

In 1975 I was an assistant professor at Purdue University and in my third year on the faculty. One day my colleague Barry Kantowitz came to see me with a […]... More>

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Highly Interesting The list of 243 psychologists and psychiatrists on the ISI “Highly Cited” list [Observer, March 2004] includes just eight names from among the approximately 57 living members, affiliates, […]... More>

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PROFILE: The College Board’s Howard Everson

If you or someone you know has taken the SAT, or an Advanced Placement test, or even so little as considered college in the past 12 years, chances are APS […]... More>

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Clinical Science Training at a Crossroads

More than a decade ago, Richard McFall challenged clinical psychology to become more connected to science, specifically to use methods supported by scientific evidence. Among other things, his challenge inspired […]... More>