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Through the Roof

Custom-designed labs, 150 miles of ethernet cable, 600 computers, 650 doors – but the numbers are only part of the story of the psychology building at The University of Texas […]... More>

The Importance of Basic Behavioral Science to Health

From time to time, APS is asked to comment on various happenings at federal research agencies. This often takes the form of an invitation to APS Executive Director Alan Kraut […]... More>

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Nurturing Nature and Environment

After Jack M. Fletcher was born in a Tallahassee hospital in 1952, his parents took him half an hour west to their home to Greensboro, Florida. Greensboro was so tiny […]... More>

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A Glimpse of Psychology’s Greatest Experiments

OPENING SKINNER’S BOX: Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century By Lauren Slater W. W. Norton 2004 In the Roaring Twenties, in the midst of what Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock […]... More>

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Believing Is Seeing: Troland Winner Peers Into Perceptual and Conceptual Learning

Human concept learning clearly depends upon perception. Our concept of “gerbil” is built out of perceptual features such as “furry,” “small,” and “four-legged.” However, recent research has found that the […]... More>