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What Drives Scientific Research in Education?

For more than 100 years, education research as a scientific endeavor has been at the center of scholarly and political debate. With the recent advent of “evidence-based” policy and practice […]... More>

Student Notebook

A Beginner’s Guide to Graduate Advising

Although this guide is primarily intended for students beginning advisor/advisee relationships, I hope that faculty may also find it useful. Your relationship with your advisor may be the most important […]... More>

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Strategies and Tactics for Training Graduate Students to Become Competent Teachers

I received my PhD in social psychology from Saint Louis University in 2003 and am in the midst of my second semester as assistant professor of psychology at Georgia Southern […]... More>

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A Cultural Lens on Facial Behavior in Emotions

Many contemporary psychology textbooks (Gleitman, 1995; Myers, 1998) describe facial expressions of emotions as universal, citing famous studies by both Ekman and Izard and their colleagues (Ekman, 1973, 1994; Ekman […]... More>

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Meeting of the Minds: Creative Collaboration Highlights Psychology’s Role in SSRC

The Social Science Research Council champions cutting-edge interdisciplinary, international social science fields as they first emerge. The SSRC also brokers graduate and postdoctoral fellowships, funded by foundations or government agencies, […]... More>