In Appreciation: Donald Fiske

Friends and colleagues share memories of Donald W. Fiske, who died in April at 86. A Eulogy for Donald W. Fiske John T. Cacioppo Donald W. Fiske was an exceptional […]... More>

Presidential Column

The APS Campaign for Psychological Science

I just wrote a check to the American Psychological Society for $1,000. I didn’t do it because I am President. I feel sure I would have done it anyway, had […]... More>

Letter/Observer Forum

Rhesus Pieces

The article, “With Psychologist at Helm, Zoo Atlanta Gets Wild,” (Observer, April 2003) while quite interesting, did contain errors commonly made in regard to Harry Harlow’s work. In a discussion […]... More>

Cover Story

Psychological Science and the Transformation of the Military

Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman once said “War is hell.” It says so boldly on his statue in New York City’s Central Park. Now, a small army of psychologists is researching […]... More>

Observer Article

Roediger Is 2003-04 APS President

The APS membership has elected a mix of seasoned APS veterans and newcomers to the leadership of the Society. Henry L. Roediger, III began his term as President at the […]... More>