In Appreciation: Paul E. Meehl

Paul Meehl, retired Regents Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, died February 14, 2003 at the age of 83. Meehl was a clinical psychologist internationally known for his […]... More>

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NINR Sleep Research Means Wake-Up Call for Policy

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have turned on its head a century of what we thought we knew about sleep loss. Earlier studies had people convinced that they adapted […]... More>

Presidential Column

Focus on Academia: The Complete Academic

Universities are fascinating places. Since 1965, when I began my freshman year in college, I have spent the greater part of my life at six universities (Washington & Lee University […]... More>

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The Changing Image of Psychology: The Rise of Applied Psychology

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics in the U.S. Department of Education show tremendous growth in the number of psychology degrees granted at all levels. Over the past […]... More>