Presidential Column

A New Age of Exploration

Advances in science and engineering have the potential to increase our security and economic prosperity, and improve the quality of our lives. But they also dismay many of us. In […]... More>

Observer Article

NIH Helps Pay Student Loans for Clinical Researchers in Psychology

Exciting news! The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is offering student loan repayments for clinical researchers, including psychologists. Among other things, the program should help stem the loss of clinically-trained […]... More>

Observer Article

Sitting in Judgment: Myths and Realities of Peer Review

It’s burdensome, it’s time-devouring, it plays havoc with your life and your research, it stifles innovation, it over-values flaws and undervalues potential, and the pay is somewhere between paltry and […]... More>

Teaching Tips

Parting Ways: Ending Your Course

Much emphasis has been placed on the use of activities at the begin-ning of a course to provide opportunities for introductions, begin to create a comfortable classroom atmosphere to encourage […]... More>