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We’d Like to Thank the Academy: APCS Creates Fusion of Science and Clinical Training

When he issued his “Manifesto” a decade ago, Indiana University’s Richard McFall was unknowingly helping to set the stage for one of the more influential entities in psychological science – […]... More>

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Leshner Departs NIDA for AAAS

Alan I. Leshner recounts his seven years at NIDA with APS Executive Director Alan G. Kraut. Psychologist Alan I. Leshner served as director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse […]... More>

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Leadership Gap at Key NIH Institutes

The long-time directors of three federal research institutes which support a significant amount of behavioral science have resigned within weeks of one another, leaving a leadership gap in behavioral science […]... More>

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On Civility in Reviewing

Guest Columnist Many of us have put in our best-faith efforts in writing journal articles or grant proposals, only to receive savage reviews. I recently received a savage review of […]... More>

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The Power of Psychology’s Databases

Why share psychological data? Aren’t there serious obstacles that prevent sharing? And even if we were willing to share in principle, how would we go about doing it in fact? […]... More>