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NCI Behavioral Research is Outside the Box

Arthritis patients using Palm Pilots to self-report their pain… A laboratory studying how people navigate the Internet… A web site to help others design “usable, useful and accessible” web sites… […]... More>

Presidential Column

Sense-Making Before and After September 11

Very little seems to have changed in the little college town in which I live. The weather has turned cool, and the maples are turning red along the street that […]... More>

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Three Objections to Databases Answered

Sixteen years ago, the National Academy of Sciences published a report on data archiving for the behavioral sciences entitled Sharing Research Data. Much of the report was devoted to a […]... More>

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The East/West Conference on Health and Well Being

Sometimes it is possible to make a dream come true. I did just that in March of this year, when the East/West Conference on Health and Well Being was convened […]... More>

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Sam Glucksberg, Speaking Figuratively

My job is a jail. Who hasn’t thought that, or something like it, at one time or another (APS employees being the clear exception, of course-we love our jobs). But […]... More>