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How to Navigate a National Convention

There are three simple rules to remember when attending a national convention: Get organized, get networking, and get involved. ... More>

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Use of SAT I ‘Compromises Education System’ Says UC President

Remember the analogical reasoning section from the SAT ? Try this one: Mauritania is to Dodo bird as The University of California is to _____ A. Albatross C. SAT I […]... More>

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Speaking Truth to Power: Psychological Scientists on Advisory Panels

As psychologists gain more knowledge of the pathways and influences involved in human behaviors, the more relevant are the implications of their expertise both in terms of scientific advancement and […]... More>

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Federal Office Leading Effort to Change IRB System

The lead federal office for protecting human research subjects is making a concerted effort to respond to concerns voiced psychologists and others from behavioral and social science with regard to […]... More>

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Having Direct Policy Input: Comments on IRBs

You don’t have to be on an advisory committee to have input into the federal policies that affect psychology’s research. Science agencies are always encouraging direct comments from individuals in […]... More>