Psychology in a Transitional Russia

Can the teaching and practice of psychology thrive if they are not supported by a vigorous home-grown research base? The question preoccupies many Russian psychologists today as they see research […]... More>

Will Research Take Second Place?

Moscow, Russia- “We have had a very bad, really tragic situation during July, August, and September,” said Andrey Brushlinsky, director of the Institute of Psychology and the sale psychologist in […]... More>

Science Struggles to Survive in Academia…

YAROSLAVL, Russia-Travel guides point to Yaroslavl as the “most Russian” of regional cities, an attractive example of what Russia is all about, with the bonus of being within easy reach […]... More>

Comments Sought on Changes To Merit Review at NSF

WASHINGTON, DC- On the heels of proposed changes to the peer review system at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (see Sept. 1996 Observer), the National Science Foundation (NSF) also […]... More>

The Science of Self-Report

BETHESDA, MARYLAND-The accuracy and reliability of reports of one’s own behavior and physical state are at the root of effective medical practice and valid research in health and psychology. To […]... More>