Point-Counterpoint: Is the System for Awarding U.S. Government Basic Research Grants Scientifically Bankrupt?

“They left innovation out because it seemed a bad  idea to suggest that every grant should strive for creativity.” This statement was made by (a) the leader of a mediocre […]... More>

Protection of Participants in Genetic Research Tops the Agenda of A New Presidential Ethics Panel

President Bill Clinton’s new National Bioethics Advisory Commission will hold its first meeting on October 4 in Washington, DC, with APS fellow Diane Scott-Jones of Temple University among its 15 […]... More>

Rethinking Research Training, From Science

Threats to federal funding for science are pitting current research needs against the longer-term needs of training. Unless deliberate steps are taken, training may lose. In the following editorial, which […]... More>

Capitalizing on the Breadth of Psychological Science

One could argue that psychological science (PS) is defined by certain attitudes and behaviors, fortified by rigorous methods. It’s a scientific frame of mind about behavior. It’s a realm of […]... More>

A Chance to Put More Punch in Peer Review

If they act by October 1, psychologists have a chance to influence a series of changes in peer review procedures that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) plans to try […]... More>