This is a photo of the cover of the October Observer.

Cover Story

Robots for Research

Childlike robots are increasingly at the center of a unique form of integrative science, bringing together experts in robotics, neuroscience, linguistics, and child development.

Lilienfeld Plans New Features for Clinical Psychological Science

Letters to the Editor, book reviews, and commentaries are among the new features that APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Scott O. Lilienfeld plans to introduce to Clinical Psychological Science as… More>

In Defense of Suzanne Corkin

This is a portrait of Suzanne Corkin.

Joining a chorus of leading psychological researchers and brain scientists, APS Fellows Howard Eichenbaum and Elizabeth Kensinger refute a journalist’s critical depiction of an esteemed pioneer in cognitive neuroscience. More>

Cattell Fund to Support Research on Memory, Emotion, Learning

Environmental influences on early learning, the accuracy of eyewitness memory, and the neural underpinnings of emotional connections are among the projects that three scientists will pursue during sabbaticals supported by… More>

What Do Ghosts Feel?

This is a graphic of a ghost.

In a bit of Halloween hilarity, APS Past Board Member Lisa Feldman Barrett and humorist Daniel J. Barrett make the case for extending emotion research into the spirit world. More>

Mind Over Midterms

Psychological scientists are studying promising interventions designed to change the mind-sets of students who believe their intelligence is limited or fixed. More>

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APS to Launch New Research Methodologies and Practices Journal

APS is launching a new journal to serve as the home for new developments in research methodology and practices, and is seeking nominations for Founding Editor of the forthcoming publication.


Early Attachment and Culture Affect Responses to Ostracism

In a recent study, researchers explored why people find it difficult to be excluded from a group as well as how culture and attachment affect those feelings.


NIMH Seeks Comment on Adding Motor Systems to RDoC Matrix

The US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is asking the research community for advice on adding Motor Systems as a new domain to the Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) initiative.


Improving Research Practices, From Beginning to End

Efforts to promote replication, preregistration, and new analytic approaches represent some of the advances psychologists have been making toward improving research practices. What comes next?


Spelke Awarded Heineken Prize

This is a photo of Elizabeth Spelke.

APS William James Fellow Elizabeth S. Spelke of Harvard University, a leading psychological scientist and specialist on the cognitive development of infants, recently received the C. L. de Carvalho-Heineken Prize… More>

Inside the Psychologist’s Studio with Jennifer Richeson

One of the field’s foremost researchers on the psychological phenomena of cultural diversity reflects on her career and her future research plans.


Draft of Observer Column Sparks Strong Social Media Response

The Observer found itself in an unusual position when a draft column submitted for publication in the magazine’s November issue generated a strong response on Twitter and Facebook.


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