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University of California Santa Barbara
: Santa Barbara, California, USA

Jonathan Schooler
: 805 453 0557
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Post-doc Description

Project coordinator for an innovative multi-site prospective replication study to examine issues of reproducibility of newly discovered psychological findings.


The reproducibility of scientific findings has become an issue of growing concern in science. In a number of disciplines including medicine, psychology, genetics, and biology researchers have been repeatedly challenged by findings that are not as robust as they initially appeared. This position will entail coordinating an innovative multi-site prospective multi-replication study, in which four labs each engage in exploratory investigations to discover new effects, and then systematically replicate their own findings and those of the other labs. In so doing, the proposed investigation will not only robustly assess the merits of the individual hypotheses explored in each study, but also confront the nature of the scientific process itself. In particular, the collective outcome of the proposed studies will address a host of conventional accounts that have been hypothesized to affect the replicability of scientific findings including: false positive effects, selective reporting, publication bias, and changes in population/or procedure, as well as the possibility that some type of non-conventional mechanism may be at play. It is hoped that this project will serve as a model of how the emerging field of “meta-science” can shed light on the dynamics of the scientific enterprise.


The candidate will be involved in the design and implementation (including overseeing a research assistant) of cognitive and/or social psychological experiments at one of the four sites, and the coordination and final data analysis of the findings research from all four sites. The laboratory-based studies may also be complemented by web-based experiments for which the candidate would assist in design, implementation, and analysis. The candidate will be based in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at UC Santa Barbara working directly with Jonathan Schooler, and coordinating with Jon Krosnick (Stanford University), Leif Nelson (UC Berkeley), and Brian Nosek (U of Virginia).


We are looking for a candidate with strong scientific training and good creative insights who can contribute meaningfully to methodological discussions across areas of social science. The candidate must also have strong organizational and communication skills, a substantial quantitative toolbox, and experience designing and conducting cognitive and/or social psychological experiments. Experience with experimental software (both laboratory and web based), meta-analyses, power analyses, and Bayesian statistics is highly desirable.


The initial contract is for a period of 12 months, renewable for up to three years. The salary will be competitive and determined based on the candidate’s experience

The starting date is September 2013.


Please send an overview of research experience, a detailed CV, and names and email addresses of two academics, who may be contacted for references to