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VA Palo Alto and Stanford University
: Palo Alto, California, USA

Dr. Terri Huh
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The VA Palo Alto Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) offers a two-year funded postdoctoral research fellowship, Special Fellowship Program in Advanced Geriatrics (SFPAG).

The fellowship supports post-residency training in geriatrics for a select group of outstanding geriatricians, geriatric psychiatrists, and doctoral level associated health professionals with similar training in geriatrics. This fellowship will provide outstanding opportunities in geriatric research training, interdisciplinary education, and advanced clinical and program administration-learning opportunities.


Fellows will complete two years in a personalized and specially integrated curriculum spending at least 75% of their time in research, education and career development. Our training philosophy emphasizes the importance of competence in research methods and geriatrics, and our programs and faculty encourage mastery of such skills. Fellows are expected to develop a scientific research project, publish research results in a peer reviewed journal, present at a national meeting, and participate in grant writing. All fellows will have oral and written presentation opportunities with feedback from faculty to enhance presentation abilities and lead to the publication and dissemination of research results. Collaborative efforts will provide opportunities for productive mentoring relationships leading to the integration and effective dissemination of relevant knowledge and the enhancement of specialized learning.

While the SFPAG fellowship focuses on research, education and leadership development, fellows spend up to 25% of their time engaged in clinical work with older adults. They will serve on multi-disciplinary health care teams which will allow for further development of their geriatrics knowledge and clinical skills.


Our curriculum includes components that will be provided to all SFPAG fellows and components to be customized to the needs and interests of each fellow.

1)A supervised research experience with specific research mentor(s).

2)Training opportunities in basic research, health services research, research methods, educational and evaluative design, and project management.

3)Clinical activities selected to maintain and enhance clinical skills in geriatrics, to enhance opportunities for clinical work to inform research, and to build familiarity with VA clinical organizational structures.

4)An orientation to VA and to content areas of significant interest to VHA including quality improvement methods, leadership skills, and patient safety.