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University of Pennsylvania
: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Dr. Angela Duckworth
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Post-Doctoral Fellow: A post-doctoral fellow is sought to begin in summer 2014 or earlier to take a leadership role in an accelerated longitudinal study of character in adolescence. The fellow will work closely with Dr. Angela Duckworth and two full-time research coordinators at the University of Pennsylvania to design, collect, and analyze self-report and informant-report data on dimensions of character (e.g., self-control, grit, prosocial purpose, gratitude, and curiosity). An important aspect of the study is the development and validation of novel questionnaire and performance task measures that address limitations of extant measures (e.g., reference group bias). Advanced quantitative methods and experience working with adolescents and/or in school contexts is preferred. The post-doctoral fellow will be expected to make a commitment of two to three years.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Send curriculum vitae, statement of interest (two pages maximum), two reprints/preprints, and at least three references to The University of Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.