January 2004
Volume 17, Number 1

1. NIDA Makes Behavioral Science a Priority for Public Health
By Nora D. Volkow
NIDA Director Nora D. Volkow writes about the central importance of the full spectrum of behavioral research in combating drug abuse and addiction. (News)
2. Courting Research
By Anita Bowles
Psychology researchers with law degrees are bringing new perspectives to the legal and policy arenas. (News)
3. Annual Review Launches Clinical Psychology Volume
By Richard Hebert
Clinical research will have new visibility and prestige when it takes its place among the topics published by Annual Review. (News)
4. Quintessential Scientist
By David Lubinski
Lloyd G. Humphreys is remembered as a world-class scientist with a tireless belief in psychological science. (Obituary)
5. A Science-First Man, An Eternal Youth
By Charles Parsons
Lloyd Humphreys never lost touch with his youth, and he never lost sight of the science underlying psychology. (Obituary)
6. A Fearless Spirit
By Charles L. Hulin
Lloyd Humphreys declared his views with unmitigated candor and vigor, and refused to succumb to the pressures of a collective personality. He added a spice to a world that will seem blander without him. (Obituary)
7. Humphreys a 'Major Force'
By Phillip L. Ackerman
Lloyd Humphreys possessed an indefatigable work ethic, a rat-trap memory, and a quiet charm. As he's remembered, his impartial conviction for solid psychological science lives on. (Obituary)
8. Taylor Takes on 'Fight-or-Flight'
By Kate Volpe
A mainstay of popular psychology concept turns out not to be so universal. (Letters)
9. Steele and Markus on 'Stereotype Threat and Black College Students'
By Eric Jaffe
Prominent psychology researchers address the Stanford Alumni Association on issues of stereotype and social identity. (News)
10. Vita Voyeur
By Roddy Roediger
In the January Presidential Column, Roddy acknowledges his professional perversion: long, analytical leers at colleagues' curriculum vitae. (Presidential Column)
11. A Wealth of Opportunity
By Richard Rubes
12. Worlds Apart
By Milton F. Shore
13. The First Day of Class
By Baron Perlman and Lee I. McCann
January's Teaching Tips column shows ways to establish class confidence from day one, exploring broad ideas for preparation and introductions and offering specific suggestions on dressing professionally and saving time for questions. (Teaching Tips)
14. Choosing a Dissertation
By Scott Smith
Dissertation selection becoming a little overwhelming? Here are eight small things to consider before choosing the big one. (Student Notebook)
15. Psychology All-Stars with Bob Levenson
By Julie Hall
In response to requests for more personal interactions with leaders in psychology, the APS Student Caucus is sponsoring a series of occasional Psychology All-Stars interviews. For the inaugural interview, the APSSC sits down with APS President-elect Bob Levenson. (Student Notebook)
16. Beck Wins Grawemeyer Award
APS Fellow and Charter Member Aaron T. Beck won the 2004 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for psychology. (News)