APS Student Research Award Winners, 2006!

Congratulations to this year’s Student Research Award winners!

The winners who had the opportunity to present their research at the May, 2006 APS Convention in New York City, as well as to receive some monetary compensation for their travel to the convention are:

  • Andre Kahn, University of Wyoming, Memory Capacity Moderates the Speed of Accurate Eyewitness Identifications
  • Taylor L. Poling, University of Tennessee, Does the Composition of Team Member’s Personality and Values Impact Perceptual Agreement Regarding Team Processes?
  • Marjorie Rhodes, University of Michigan, Influences the Motivational Consequences of Social Comparisons in Early Childhood
  • Jay J. Van Bavel, University of Toronto, Erasing racism: Shifting ingroup favoritism using arbitrary groups

For more information on the winners’ individual research projects, please visit http://www.psychologicalscience.org/apssc/awards/research_2006.cfm

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