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You can pay attention without actually doing so

Times of India:

But a new study has found that they are not inextricably linked as previously thought, and are actually two separate things, that is, your brain can pay attention to something without you being aware that it’s there. We wanted to ask, can things attract your attention even when you don’t see them at all? Po-Jang Hsieh, of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore and MIT, said.

Hsieh co-wrote the study with Jaron T. Colas and Nancy Kanwisher of MIT. To test this, Hsieh and his colleagues came up with an experiment that used the phenomenon called visual pop-out. They set each participant up with a display that showed a different video to each eye. One eye was shown colorful, shifting patterns, all awareness went to that eye, because that’s the way the brain works.

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