Why Scientists and Journalists Don’t Always Play Well Together


A few months ago I came across a blog post written by a well-credentialed scientist, the gist of which was that he’d recently given his last interview to a journalist.  So horribly were his words misrepresented in the subsequent article that he finally had to draw the line—he’d not contribute to public science schlock ever again. He was infuriated, and with good reason; not only did the article reflect poorly on him, but the focus of the research he discussed was lost in the resulting muck.

That unpleasant thumbnail touches on a debate that has been brewing in science and journalism circles for a long time, though recently it has been percolating to the surface in blog posts, tweets, and flaming Facebook entries. And while in some sense the debate will never end (because, well, these debates never do), this one should be troubling to more than just the interlocutors involved.

Read the whole story: Forbes

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