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Traits of the ‘Get It Done’ Personality: Laser Focus, Resilience, and True Grit

The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Robert J. Sternberg has written 40 books and at least 1,400 articles and chapters over a career in which he has juggled jobs as professor, provost, and president of the American Psychological Association.

As a psychologist who has studied the way people accomplish goals and stay motivated, he probably has a better insight than most other prolific scholars into what it takes to get things done when distractions tug and self-doubt creeps in. He’s one of several experts The Chronicle asked for tips on the traits and habits of people who are particularly effective at accomplishing their goals in academe.

Being passionate about your work and resilient in the face of setbacks are key, most experts agree.

“You’re going to go through periods where your articles get rejected, students are giving you bum ratings, and your grant applications are rejected,” says Mr. Sternberg, who, after 35 years at Yale and Tufts, became provost and a professor of psychology at Oklahoma State University in 2010.

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