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The Stanford Marshmallow Test

The Huffington Post:

I’ve spent my entire life on education, and several years ago while writing a chapter on education for my SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, I stumbled across Walter Mischel’s “Stanford Marshmallow Test” of 4-year-old children. You can read what happened by clicking on that link, but to quickly summarize:

1. Four-year-old children were placed in a test room having a chair, table and plate holding one marshmallow. The child is told by the tester that he would need to leave the room and will be gone for a few minutes, but if that marshmallow was still on that plate when he returned, the reward would be a second marshmallow.

2. Fourteen or so years later just as they were about to graduate from high school, Mischel tracked down many of these students to see if there was any difference between one marshmallow and two marshmallow children.

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