The Science Of Menu Design: How Restaurants Can Make You Choose A Salad Over A Cheeseburger

Fast Company:

Responding to the rise of American obesity rates, some politicians have proposed regulations that would require restaurateurs to reduce portion sizes, eliminate drive-thrus, and limit soft drink sizes. Brian Wansink, author of Slim By Design, marketing professor, and the director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, thinks the restaurant industry can police itself–and make more money–by leveraging the power of menu design.

In a recent paper published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management, Wansink argues that hacking menus to better emphasize healthier, lower-calorie choices with higher profit margins would have a positive impact on both the health of restaurant goers and the financial health of the food industry. The paper is based on the analysis of previous research, including lab studies in cafeterias and restaurants.

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