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The psychology of winning – and losing

CBS News:

The phrase “Win some, lose some” will be little consolation for the players and fans of whichever team loses in today’s Super Bowl. Just ask somebody who’s been there. Our Cover Story is reported by Susan Spencer of 48 Hours:

In football-crazed Buffalo, the Bills are revered . . . and to this day, so is the number 12.

Jim Kelly (whose jersey number is the only one the Bills have retired) proudly wore number 12 for eleven years, winning more than 100 games. Starting in 1990, he did something that no other quarterback in history has ever achieved: He led his team to FOUR straight Super Bowls.

According to psychology professor Ian Robertson, of Trinity College in Dublin, “Winning’s probably the single most important thing in shaping people’s lives.”

Robertson has studied winning, and what winning can mean. “All species have hierarchies,” he told Spencer. “And your position in that hierarchy will determine your health, your mental function, your mood.”

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