The Psychology of Health Screening

The Huffington Post:

Imagine it’s time for your annual physical. You visit your family doctor, and along with all the usual probes and tests and queries, your doctor tells you about a disease you’ve never heard of before. Called thioamine acetlyase, or TAA, deficiency, it affects the body’s normal ability to process nutrients, and can lead to severe medical complications — exhaustion, physical deterioration, even early death. Although studies indicate that 1 in 5 adults suffers from TAA deficiency, most are unaware that they even have the disease.

But there is a test that screens for TAA deficiency, your physician tells you. In fact, the results of your physical will include an assessment of your lifetime risk for TAA deficiency — unless you choose not to know. What’s your decision? Do you want information about your personal risk for this serious disorder, or would you rather not know?

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