Thanks to Casey Kasem (and psychology), Here’s Why People Love Radio Countdowns

The Washington Post:

From “Total Request Live” to a radio station with the “Top 9 at 9″ on any given night, it’s been proven time and again: People love a good pop culture countdown. On paper it seems incredibly simple — and yet it took until Casey Kasem pioneered the concept in 1970 to take off.

News of Kasem’s death on Sunday prompted an outpouring of remembrances from fans, many of whom reminisced about listening to “American Top 40.” The Post’s Marc Fisher wrote about how Kasem brought a splintered music culture together every week with his mainstream list of popular songs. The idea gained steam, and ever since countdowns have been a mainstay of pop culture. Why is this concept so incredibly popular?

Read the whole story: The Washington Post

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